Reasons Why Antipiracy Issues Still Debatable in Entertainment Media

Everything becomes more advanced every day. People could feel the advantages and disadvantages of it. However, it couldn’t enhance people’s awareness. The awareness could be formed for many aspects. Besides, it affects their perspectives sometimes. In this article, we would like to emphasize the views of copyright awareness. It would be better to more here to learn it further.

According to the NY Times article, many people still don’t aware of copyright piracy in today’s society, especially in entertainment media. Some of them might don’t understand this issue because of the lack of awareness. People love to watch movies, especially when it is free. However, this action is considered copyright piracy. It is because of the platform they use that it might commit cybercrimes. Therefore, it is essential to educate people to understand the importance of copyright awareness.


An Overview of Copyright Awareness

Copyright awareness is a state when people know copyright actions performed in a faulty manner. However, it has been argued that consciousness could only be described in light of the exhibited situation. It includes all types of perception, awareness, and wisdom. In each consideration, consciousness is manifested as the ability to grasp (apprehension), understand (comprehension), or the state of being aware (awareness). Besides, consciousness means being aware of something. Therefore, whenever there is the consciousness of something, that object becomes the authoritative subject of consciousness.

In this sense, copyright consciousness means knowing that copyright exists and using that knowledge. It is the need to have a conscious understanding of copyright. Besides, it allows people to prevent this action in a way that is perceived. When there is an official copyrighted material display, it requires people to discover the tax value and inspires authorship. Therefore, people aware of it and don’t commit copyright piracy.

The Importance of Copyright Awareness

The importance of copyright awareness could be discovered in its absence. The development of copyright awareness will need some conscious efforts to achieve. For example, if copyright registrations are displayed in various places where copyrighted materials are primarily used. However, this shows that a large number of people have little or no knowledge of this aspect. It is because a commission is exploited in an aforementioned manner. This action can damage the honor or reputation of the author. Since the copyright holder has the exclusive right to do these things, infringement can occur if one person performs several of them without the copyright holder’s consent. Therefore, people must be more conscious of copyright piracy to enhance the entertainment media industry.

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