Water Conservation Tips

water meter-regulating flow rate

Water is one of the most useful resources. there are different tips tips that help you in minimizing water wastage at home. saving water or minimizing wastage is one of the best method of saving the water bills. The following are the useful water conservation tips.

Turning  off the tap when brushing

Many people brush teeth while the tap is running. They end up wasting a lot of water per minute. This wastage can be eliminated by putting brushing water in a cup. Putting off the tap while not in use will help us save six liters of water per minute.

Taking a short shower

shower head

One can regulate the water used during showering by putting a regulate the regulated amount of water coming from the shower and showering for a short time. Water can also be regulated by pouring the shower water in a basin and then putting the shower off. Using a basin will save you from using a lot of water that is not necessary.

Installing a water butt

This will help you reuse water for other things. Example, the water used in the washing of dishes can be used later in the watering of plants, washing windows or vehicles. By doing this, you will be saving yourself a lot of water hence you will end up paying less money for the water you have used in a given duration.

Water your garden using a watering can

watering plants

A watering can is convenient as it saves you from the use of a lot of water. A hosepipe wastes a lot of water compared to a watering can. Therefore, save yourself from wasting a lot of water in the garden by purchasing a watering can. To help in reducing evaporation, water your farm in the evening or early morning. Also, mulch your farm to reduce evaporation.

Installing a water meter

When you are paying water bill according to the water you have used for the certain duration, install a water meter. This will help you in knowing the amount of water you are using per day and reduce if necessary. To pay fewer bills, make sure you are using as minimum water as you can per day.

Placing in your fridge a jug with tap water

At most time, people leave tap water to run until it is cold for them to put it in a cup. They end up wasting a lot of water as they wait for the water to be cold. To avoid the wastage, put water in the fridge so that you can use it whenever you need it without having to run the tap. Fridge water is very useful as it eliminates germs that may be present in the water making it very safe for use.