Factors to Consider When Selecting Coffee Packaging

You turn other people’s heads and leave them stuck over their shoulders as you move about the city with your coffee. The main reason is the coffee bag and nothing else that you are doing or did. Most people have hard wiring in their brain that associates coffee with productivity or meetings at the coffee house, so it is not surprising to realize they impact the package has on people. This article makes good suggestions on picking the right bag for your coffee packaging needs to make the correct brand association and to improve the quality of the experiences you have with customers and your fan base in general. Here are factors to consider when selecting coffee packaging.

Check the packaging process

coffee packing bagsThe hard filling of the coffee bags is one of the most common procedures of packaging the roasted beans, but in some cases, you will be using the coffee packaging equipment. According to experts at Coffee Bags Direct, you need to consider the process and its effects on the bag. Hard packing may require robust containers that can withstand the uneven handling by humans. On the other hand, machines may offer precise packaging solutions, but they may also need specialized packaging material that is compatible with the installed features. The shape of the bag also influences the type of process used for packaging. You may have a quad seal or flat bottom bags that give you enough room for sealing them without losing their stability.

The level of freshness you want your coffee served

Coffee is good fresh or a little stale for different people. Your packaging will give your beans a distinct aroma and taste, and this can be a good or bad thing in the long run. You want the bags to keep oxygen and moisture out so that they retain their freshness. At the same time, you want the sealing process to get rid of the excess carbon dioxide. In some cases, you may need to hold nitrogen gas in the bag, and porous packets will not be adequate for the job. Consider picking materials that will accommodate the modified atmospheric packaging option so that you can ship the beans to any part of the world while knowing they will remain fresh.

Style of the bag

The bag style is its design and material used to make it. You can have a quad sealed bag that is usually very convenient to carry around or put in a bigger shopping bag. Small packages might go well with the pillow bag because of the rough handling to fit into pockets and other handling solutions such as bigger bags.

Convenience issues

Users may want their coffee safe even after they open the bag. Therefore, consider zippers and ties or tape that can reseal the package for later use. Other issues to focus on regarding convenience include the ease of opening the bag to use the coffee repeatedly. Some bag designs make it so easy to pour the coffee while other like the “try me” packages require
complete destruction of the bag to access its contents.

Reasons to use Virgin Hair Extensions

A woman’s hair is one of her main pillars of beauty. To a woman, the most significant worry they can face is the possibility of losing their hair. A man can simply shave the hair and move on; a luxury most women cannot just afford. A few women prefer having cutting their hair short, which might not be so good for you.

Why virgin hair

human hair

For many years, women of African American descent have chosen to have hair extensions to improve their looks and make their hair easy to handle. The world is soon catching up on this trend and are embracing yaki hair extensions. Women have two major options when it comes to choosing hair extensions. They can either go for human or synthetic hair. That said, this article looks at possible reasons to have virgin human hear instead of synthetic.

100% natural

Virgin hair is human hair that has not been treated with chemicals. As such, it is very difficult to tell whether one has an extension when they put on natural hair. Virgin hair offers significant volume, moves naturally, and you can always use it to achieve your desired looks. These are the main strengths of natural hair. Therefore, if you are yet to make up your mind on which hair extension to choose, these reasons to convince you to go for human hair. However, you also need to select a shade that matches with your hair’s color. Failure to do this will have your hair dismissed as fake.

Perfect for women that love changing their hairstyle often

Most women love changing their hairstyles often. Natural human hair gives you the freedom to change your hair often without damaging it. Unlike virgin human hair, synthetic hair cannot be straightened or curled as it is likely to be damaged by heat. If you can do this, be assured that it will lose its shine, something that will make it not look natural.

hair Natural hair comes from different parts of the world

Hairs from Brazil and Portugal and highly regarded. Hairs from these parts of the world are often associated with high quality. On the other Indian hair is known for its thickness and beauty. Indian hair is a popular choice for women who want to wear the best concerning quality.

Of course, natural hair tends to be relatively priced compared to synthetic hair. However, when you put everything into perspective, you will realize that virgin human hair is worth the investment.

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How to Travel and Enjoy the Outdoors

If you are an outdoor enthusiast who loves to go camping and to travel, you may have some items that help you on your adventures. Most people who will go camping regularly will have a tent, sleeping bag, and other equipment. The problem is, most people have to carry these in their backpacks which makes one extremely tired. This article will introduce you to a new item which is the truck bed tent. Many people will not know it so let us explain.

What is it?tent attached to truck

As the name states, it is a tent that can be set up on the bed or back of your truck. They are somewhat adjustable, and they will fit almost all modern two door or four door trucks. They give you the opportunity to sleep comfortably everywhere you go without having to carry the tent equipment on your back.

The benefits

This type of tent will give you a comfortable place to sleep minus the hassle of pitching a tent on the ground. You will not have to worry about any creepy crawly insects getting in and biting you.

When you go camping, one issue that you might face is the rain. Setting up a tent on wet ground is not easy, and you will also have to deal with the water that can seep into the tent from the soil. However, with this model, you can rest on a firm surface which is your truck bed even if it is pouring down.

Unlike traditional tents that are anchored to the ground, these tents can easily be fitted to your truck bed. There will be no need for hammers to drive the pins into the ground or finding a suitable spot because you can set up camp anywhere you stop your truck,

Where to buy them?

VIEW FROM TENTUnfortunately, these tents are not that common yet, and you will not find it in every camping gear store. The best place to look is online which is great because you will get a good deal on them too. When you look online, you will see hundreds of models available, and many can be used on multiple trucks. However, it is crucial that you double check if your model of truck is listed as a compatible model before you buy. Alternatively, you can also measure your truck bed and cross-check it against the dimensions of the truck bed tent you wish to purchase.

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Beginner’s Guide to Home Landscaping

If you have just bought your first home with a compound, then landscaping your lawns and garden is very crucial. Most people do not know where to start when it comes to designing or implementing the landscaping ideas. A reputable company will deliver professional results and recommend the best pants and flowers. However, if the budget is tight, you can choose to do it yourself entirely or partly. Below is how to go about it as a beginner.

Research on various landscaping ideas

landscapingBeginners may not have an idea of how they want their garden to look like. However, landscaping ideas go as people can imagine. The Internet is full of trending ideas on landscaping as well as the old skull designs which are still classic. You can also consult with a professional to get the best idea to suit your home both in theme and topography of the land. Upon getting the design of choice at hand, then the next steps are as easy as following procedures.

Get a landscaping manual

Every step in landscaping has a procedure. From clearing the bushes, plowing the land, leveling the ground, planning on where each of the plants and flowers will go and eventually the watering points. The beauty of this is that you can easily get a manual to help you run the operations smoothly from the beginning until the end. YouTube and other video sites may contain useful manual with visual directions on how to go about the landscaping process.

Acquire the right tools

Whether you will buy, hire or borrow the tools from friends and relatives, these items are crucial for a successful landscaping procedure. Some of the tools include the cutting tools, the hand tools, and the power tools. They are useful in leveling the ground, cutting and uprooting the unwanted bushes and plants as well as moving the earth from one position to another. Be sure to list the tools down so that you do not get stranded after starting the process.

The actual work

homeBoth beginners and the veterans in landscaping must plan the work well. All planning should be done on paper to avoid doing and undoing which is tiresome and gives poor results. Further, the start point should be from one end to the other.
Clearing of the bushes, felling of unwanted trees and pruning is the first step. The earth must also be plowed thoroughly with the addition of manure and fertilizers to make sure all is fertile. Level the ground in shapes and designs as you want it to appear finally.


Planting is equally crucial as any other part of landscaping. Which part will have a grass lawn? Where will the flowers be? How many trees do you need? Answering all these questions has a great significance on how the lawn will look like finally.
With the above steps, the final product will be a great beauty to the compound. Any beginner must understand how crucial it is to follow to achieve something worth doing. More insights are also available from various home related platforms.

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Image Consulting and Training

Aston+Hayes is an established industry leader in Image and Style Consulting. Over 12 busy and successful years, we have built up a wealth of experience consulting with large corporate companies across all sectors, as well as individual male and female clients. We have a proven track record and enjoy a reputation for excellence and customer care. Clients know they can rely on us to help them to get the results they are looking for.

Aston+Hayes is the UK’s top training company for Image and Style Consultants. Our innovative training courses have enabled many to launch and develop their own successful image careers in the UK and internationally; from Personal Brand Coaches to Corporate Consultants; Personal Stylists, and Personal Shoppers.

Aston+Hayes is a Founding Member of the Association of Stylists and Image Professionals (ASIP), the new professional body for the image industry.
Aston+Hayes develops and supplies a full range of image products through associate company Image Products International (IPI).