Factors to Consider When Selecting Coffee Packaging

You turn other people’s heads and leave them stuck over their shoulders as you move about the city with your coffee. The main reason is the coffee bag and nothing else that you are doing or did. Most people have hard wiring in their brain that associates coffee with productivity or meetings at the coffee house, so it is not surprising to realize they impact the package has on people. This article makes good suggestions on picking the right bag for your coffee packaging needs to make the correct brand association and to improve the quality of the experiences you have with customers and your fan base in general. Here are factors to consider when selecting coffee packaging.

Check the packaging process

coffee packing bagsThe hard filling of the coffee bags is one of the most common procedures of packaging the roasted beans, but in some cases, you will be using the coffee packaging equipment. According to experts at Coffee Bags Direct, you need to consider the process and its effects on the bag. Hard packing may require robust containers that can withstand the uneven handling by humans. On the other hand, machines may offer precise packaging solutions, but they may also need specialized packaging material that is compatible with the installed features. The shape of the bag also influences the type of process used for packaging. You may have a quad seal or flat bottom bags that give you enough room for sealing them without losing their stability.

The level of freshness you want your coffee served

Coffee is good fresh or a little stale for different people. Your packaging will give your beans a distinct aroma and taste, and this can be a good or bad thing in the long run. You want the bags to keep oxygen and moisture out so that they retain their freshness. At the same time, you want the sealing process to get rid of the excess carbon dioxide. In some cases, you may need to hold nitrogen gas in the bag, and porous packets will not be adequate for the job. Consider picking materials that will accommodate the modified atmospheric packaging option so that you can ship the beans to any part of the world while knowing they will remain fresh.

Style of the bag

The bag style is its design and material used to make it. You can have a quad sealed bag that is usually very convenient to carry around or put in a bigger shopping bag. Small packages might go well with the pillow bag because of the rough handling to fit into pockets and other handling solutions such as bigger bags.

Convenience issues

Users may want their coffee safe even after they open the bag. Therefore, consider zippers and ties or tape that can reseal the package for later use. Other issues to focus on regarding convenience include the ease of opening the bag to use the coffee repeatedly. Some bag designs make it so easy to pour the coffee while other like the “try me” packages require
complete destruction of the bag to access its contents.